New Journal...

Everything is public again. You should take a look through.

This is my new journal. My old one had too many bugs to fix. Add me and I am likely to add you back. New and or interesting experience is what I am all about.

This is my journal. Read it if you want, but it is at your own risk. I will put whatever I desire in this. I am not going to use the private fucntions. I may use names. If you know me, I might be talking about you. If you think it might be about you, it probably is. So read at your own risk.

If you use my journal to cause drama, pain, or discomfort in or around those I care about, I will not be pleased, and will cease thinking of you as a human, and thus, not equal or worthy of treatment as such.

(Thanks to qlipoth for the original concept of this disclaimer)

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you may or may not have noticed...

I have not touched my LJ in a few months.

There are several reasons for this, among which...

  • oldest man on the internet

  • twitter posts taking over the usually relevant information I used to find here

  • people who when I threw up the white flag could never let anything go

  • the fact that I was predictable enough that me and a dear friend actually had a fight over LJ

  • I decided I'd take a break, and I feel it was valid.

    If you think I missed anything, or want to hear any of my stories... ask here. I will be glad to fill you in, and would love to hear how you've been doing.

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    I make decisions that me from 6 months ago wouldn't. I am much more content, though.

    I grow really tired of fiction lately... as excited as I am to see modern first-run Star Trek, as well as Wolverine and Terminator... it saddens me that the last real original compelling sci-fi was Firefly. Not that firefly is the problem, it's the infrequency. Heroes, for instance, is getting outright BORING.

    eh... probably more literary and media criticism here, as well as what events I plan on attending. record of my life and recent events most likely found at the site above... but in case you need to link to it again...

    how old is he?

    is he that guy who used to LARP in his pajamas when he was 12?

    is he that creepy guy who used to show up to parties and hit on everyone?

    probably. but you seem to be friends with him.

    yeah, this year, I think I want an event at one of the clubs in town. possibly a few of the clubs.