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I wanted to be a superhero when I grew up...

What the fuck happened to me?

4 April 1984
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BAD Example: I like lots of bands and watching movies and talking to friends and going to clubs.

i like my coffee black just like my metal

A Very Eugene Journal...

Old Journal... keeblerjesus

Add me and I will add you back generally speaking.

BAD Example: I like lots of bands and watching movies and talking to friends and going to clubs.

Mod of rochester_poly.

referrence my website for more contact info
http://bondage.com/ User: KeeblerX UID: 1582027

i'd meet a good girl but i'd make a terrible boy
i aint a boy just cause i rock your world

Nicknames: jesus, keebles, kibbles, Sweetie, sunshine, steve, eugenio (ay-yoo-hay-n-yo), eneguE, keebs, spiderman, jesus-jr, scruffy the janitor, yuujin (japanese for friend), squishy, Father, oogene (haven't been called that in years), youjames

'This act this act of darkness led to thinking, self-analysis.
"Dark" defined as dangerous defined as deviant defined as weird.
"Weird" defined as abnormal defined as not-them, defined as good.

Above, beyond, better: smarter, darker, deeper.
--lissadora benjamin

There was once a long list of quotes here. They have been saved for posterity in my "first entry"/disclaimer post. You can find the link to that list below.

                                          $"   *.            
              d$$$$$$$P"                  $    J             
                  ^$.                     4r  "              
                  d"b                    .db                 
                 P   $                  e" $                 
        ..ec.. ."     *.              zP   $.zec..           
    .^        3*b.     *.           .P" .@"4F      "4        
  ."         d"  ^b.    *c        .$"  d"   $         %      
 /          P      $.    "c      d"   @     3r         3     
4        .eE........$r===e$$$$eeP    J       *..        b    
$       $$$$$       $   4$$$$$$$     F       d$$$.      4    
$       $$$$$       $   4$$$$$$$     L       *$$$"      4    
4         "      ""3P ===$$$$$$"     3                  P    
 *                 $       """        b                J     
  ".             .P                    %.             @      
    %.         z*"                      ^%.        .r"       
       "*==*""                             ^"*==*""   Gilo94'
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